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The Code of Honor

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The Code of Honor

Post by Showdown on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:54 pm

Here are the basic rules of this group:

  1. Make a Vault post and keep it updated. You get one Vault post to keep track of all your equipment and such. Do not post more than once in The Vault and keep it up to date.

  2. Do not argue with my judgement. I am Headmaster of the KoL, so my judgement during training and spars goes. In the main RP's, I will be playing, so there, any disputes will be brought back here in the OOC discussion thread to make sense of the logic behind the post and settle the difference, but anything done here is under my jurisdiction and what I say goes.

  3. You may apply to run a "business" for @'s, or the currency used here to obtain weapons, gear, items, etc. If you are rejected, please do not feel troubled, it is nothing personal. If you are accepted, you may make one thread with the name of your business as the thread title. You may choose your own prices, but you will have to stock up by coming to me and spending @'s to obtain product from me (buying in bulk will get you discounts so you can make a profit).

  4. I am also keeping track of your @'s, so do not lie in your Vault post. @'s obtained by your business have a separate heading in your Vault post so you do not get them mixed up.

  5. If you wish to take part in a specific trade, you must apply. You may then buy raw materials only for your trade, and parts from other traders to help finish. We all rely on each other for strength. This is a community. A blacksmith may buy ingots. A fletcher may buy feathers, logs, and strings. A tanner may buy skins. A tailor may buy tanned hides and thread and such. All trades are important.

  6. Only I am allowed to make legendary weapons. This is because they must be assigned individually as bought. Legendary weapons cost much more than normal weapons, but can also be imbued with a soul and abilities.

  7. Keep a realistic valuing on your items. Youre not gonna buy thread for @4000 a spool and then a silver dagger @100. Keep the prices realistic. @1=about $1-2

  8. Be respectful. You don't want people disrespecting you, so please do not disrespect them.

  9. Do not post where not allowed. Do not post in threads you are not allowed to. Do not post in shops where you are on a Blacklist (meaning you're not allowed to shop there.). Do not create threads without permission.

  10. Links for anything important will be posted here. Do not post here, but keep checking back when This thread is bumped to the top. It means that it is important.


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