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Post by Showdown on Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:07 pm

  • Bladovek:
    Longsword that has a straight back and a slanted edge. Right along the edge is white and the rest of the blade is black. The hilt is goldwith silver wire wrapping and a gold and silver yin-yang gem in the pommel. Sits in a red sheath on my back under Legna. Formes-Unawakened [no abilities]; Shikai [can control each element but cannot create them]; Bankai [becomes a katana that is solid black with black leather wrapping; can create each element and manipulate them. adds a poison to it called Mercuric Topamondralby]; Rage [becomes the original Bladovek: a 12 foot long staff sword with many spikes; can control the poison to come off the blade and attack.]; Full [becomes a double katana, one white one black; adds the ability to throw the sword and command it where to go]; Hollow [original Bladovek but solid white and loses 5ft of the handle; can control ceros from other hollows andhas poison on blade but nothing else. only activated while in hollow forme.] Abilities- Other than the ones specified with the formes, it can call upon any of the Chosen to help in a fight. It can also call forth an ultimate attack, but I won't reveal that ;P (you can leave ultimate attacks out once you get one)
  • Legna:
    A blue katana with blue wrapping that can use light and so long as the blade is out of the sheath or other enchanted wrapping, it cancels the abilities of any other person or their sword. Formes- N/A Abilities- Already specified
  • Guardian:
    A golden barette .50 cal sniper rifle that can use multiple types of bullets. Formes- Unawakened [the barret .50 cal]; Awakened [a golden composite bow.] Abilities- It can never miss, but if it happens to do so, the universe will begin unravelling until I hit a target I aim for. The bullets will follow the target until they strike so long as they have enough room to start following.


-Can control all elements with the strongest being enough fire to outshine the largest sun ever.
-Regenerates as fast as am hurt.
-Can regenerate others and their weapons without needing a sword.
-Can use Ceros and Hollows.
-Can use the swordmaster ability granted by the Shield.


-Dragon Warrior (still cannot use)
-Hollow (still having difficulties using)
-Tree Basher
-Archangel (not able to use anymore)
-Ultimate Warrior (with Shelby)


-Crystal: A special crystal on a gold chain that prevents Legna's abilities from working on me so long as I wear it.


-The Shield
-Black trench coat
-Black skin-tight shirt
-Black Combat boots (with a nerve-activated blade in each front and back)
-Black Cargo pants
-Black broad-rimmed fedora

Animal Companion:

Once a demon, Fang was turned into a spirit wolf by Flare as a spare for the punishment he would have recieved due to him being defeated by Flare and his brother, Blaze. Fang can teleport, can turn into a fire being, can talk to people with telekinesis, and can cause people's nightmares and fears to become reality.
He is 13' long from head to tail, his tail being 4' itself. He is grey with glowing red tribal marks on his fur, and his teeth are solid black, infused with mercuric topamondralby venom. His bones are extremely flexible, as they can bend around themselves 3 times and not even crack, making it extremely hard to kill by crushing.


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