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My First Blog 2.13.13

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My First Blog 2.13.13

Well, this is my first blog. Honestly, I have no clue what to talk about. Right now I am watching Gabriel Iglesias. Other than that, I am prety much bored.

Oh, I am failing English, (I know. Awesome writer. Why am I failing English?) so I might be getting my phone taken away when report cards come out. That means I won't be able to get on during weekends until the next report card.... 6 weeks later. :/

Also, great work you guys on getting the KoL as popular as it is. That makes me, as a Guild Runner very proud. I am sorry about the delay of Maxim's RP, he is having major writer's block. He should be getting it up here pretty soon, though.

Also, if everyone could please go and get all the KoL members to move here, that would be great. I want this to be our official base of operations.

Well, i have to sign off. On one last note, please check out this link:

Thats my new "community" YouTube channel.

Well, there's the bell.



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