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Well, life sux 2.15.13

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Well, life sux 2.15.13

Hey, you guys. Time for my complaining again.

Well, last year was my only V-Day, so that means this year, I had a SAD, Singles Awareness Day. Yup, and now my ex is pissed at me. But, hey, at least I made good terms with the one dude I only really had one problem with last night. Like, I had only one problem with him, and I made good terms last night over XboxLive. Yeah. I'm a nerd.

Anyway, if you have XboxLive Gold and you wanna be my friend, just send a message to ShowdownVD. There, you will just need to goin and tell me who you are. If you don't, then no garuntees.


I am just sitting in here in first period trying to find something to do while I wait for Shelby to finish his test.

Oh, guys. If you have Black Ops 2 for the 360, then you need to get Elite and let me know. I want to have the KOL as a clan on there if at all possible.

I reaaaaaally wanna get it started. I think we would make a good fighting squad. I mean, we already like to beat each other up on here, so that means we won't have anything BUT teamwork on a FPS.

Well, now I am bored of typing. Ima check up on my KOM on mah phone, so later peeps!



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