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The Forge (Non-Legendary Items)

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The Forge (Non-Legendary Items)

Post by Showdown on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:50 pm

After aquiring your first @'s, you may start buying weapons here. You can fully customize them, or buy a simple weapon and gradually get it upgraded. Here are the lists:

Simple Weapons:
Short Sword-- (Bronze) @10, (Iron) @50, (Steel) @125, (Tempered Steel) @200, (Hardened Gold) @500, (Lightweight Lead) @650, (Lightweight Titanium) @750, (Platinum*) @900, (Glass*) @925, (Crystal*) @975, (Diamond*) @1000
Longsword-- (Bronze) @15, (Iron) @75, (Tempered Steel) @250, (Adamantine) @350, (Runite) @500, (Hardened Gold) @750, (Lightweight Lead) @900, (Lightweight Titanium) @1025, (Platinum*) @1250, (Glass*) @1400, (Crystal*) @1500, (Diamond*)
Dagger-- (Bronze) @5, (Iron) @25, (Steel) @50, (Lightweight Lead) @135, (Silver) @175, (Platinum*) @225, (Crystal*) @350
Scythe-- (Steel) @200, (Tempered Steel) @250, (Hardened Gold) @350, (Lightweight Titanium) @625, (Glass*) @800, (Diamond*) @1200
Hammer-- (Bronze) @50, (Iron) @150, (Steel) @250, (Adamantine) @475, (Runite) @625, (Lead*) @1500, (Titanium*) @2500, (Platinum-Plated Diamond*) @4500
Warhammer-- (Iron) @400, (Steel) @600, (Runite) @1000, (Lead*) @3250, (Titanium*) @4500, (Platinum-Plated DIamond*) @10,000
Mace-- (Bronze) @35, (Iron) @75, (Steel) @150, (Tempered Steel) @225, (Adamantine) @350, (Runite) @475, (Lead*) @1500, (Diamond*) @4625
For those ^ prices are directly after the materials.

Here are the basic material costs you need to customize your sword:

Each ingot is about 1' 7" long, 4" wide, and 3" tall.
Bronze= @30/ingot
Iron= @75/ingot
Steel= @150/ingot (+@25/ingot to temper)
Adamantine= @350/ingot
Runite= @450/ingot
Gold= @700/ingot (+@75/ingot for hardening)
Lead= @1000/ingot (+@100/ingot to lightweight it)
Titanium= @1250/ingot (+@175/ingot to lightweight it)
Platinum= @1500/ingot

Crystaline Materials:

-Pure Crystal (such as quartz or other hard crystals)


-Copper Wire
-Gold Wire
-Lead Wire
-Silver Thread
-Cow Leather
-Decorative Snake Leather
-Decorative Alligator Leather

Options for a wooden hilt:

(or can be used for bow upon special request):
-Red Oak

*Other Materials do not have prices, due to the fact that they will be priced according to the intricacy of the weapon.

Here are some basic rules for ordering:

1. Let me total it up. I am honest and work my math out. You can double check by yourself if you feel the need, but otherwise, let me do the totalling and pricing.
2. You can use any material here in combination with ones from the Legendary Forge (will be linked when it goes up), but not vice versa.
3. If you think prices are unfair, I do not care. Honestly, I don't. These are actually more expensive than they used to be. I may even raise them up later on. It just depends how much of your @'s you spend here rather than the important places, such as the gear shop or the armory.
4. Ranged weapons are special order. If you wish to buy one, tell me so here. I will then help you out with customization and such.


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